Many people living in Canada are now deciding to sign up with a VPN provider after the Canadian government instituted scary new laws that mandate their Internet providers track and log everything they do.

After all, privacy online is an issue for many people, even if they are not doing anything illegal or anything wrong.

Finding a good Canadian VPN provider, however, can take a while. Especially if you are not sure which features the one you choose should offer.

That is why, the next time you look for a good Canadian VPN provider, be sure they offer all of these features and more.

Fast speeds — When you connect to the Internet via a VPN, the speed of your connection will often slow down. When watching videos or streaming music, this can be annoying.

That is why any of the best Canadian VPN providers out there should guarantee a certain speed. If not, move on to one that does.

Unlimited bandwidth — Everything you do online uses a certain amount of bandwidth. The more you use, the slower some services become and, if you use too much, some Canadian VPN providers will block you.

Choose a VPN company that offers unlimited bandwidth, however, and you can spend as much time online as you like.

99.9 percent uptime — Uptime is very important when it comes to using a Canada VPN, especially if you are trying to cloak some of the activities you carry out online.

Make sure you only choose a provider that offers 99.9 percent uptime, and it is highly unlikely you will ever need access and not be able to get it.

No activity logs — Some VPNs will log all your activities and then store the records for an unlimited time. These are VPNs you do not want to use as this opens up your personal information to government access.

Instead, look for Canadian VPN providers that guarantee they do not log your activity and do not store it.

Good encryption — One of the most important things about any Canadian VPN provider is that they offer strong encryption. Encryption keeps your activity cloaked from anyone that wants to find out what you are doing online. Poor encryption means it is easy to access.

Find out what type of encryption any VPN you may use offers, and then read about it online before signing up. Only sign up with a VPN that offers the strongest encryption and, therefore, the best protection from government access, hackers and fishers.

Servers in different countries — If you want to be able to access sites that are geo-locked, you will want to be signed up with a VPN that has servers in countries where the sites you are interested in are located.

Ask for a list of servers if this information is not listed on their website, and make sure you are allowed unlimited server switching throughout the month with any Canadian VPN provider you may use.