For anyone wanting to become famous on Instagram, it can mean a lot of work. Even so, if you do not do things the right way right from the beginning, your chances of becoming famous on Instagram diminish the longer time passes and you are not.

That is why anyone wanting to become famous should follow at least some of these tips. Tips that are guaranteed to help you get a lot more followers to your account, and a lot more likes.

Use a beautiful, interesting or unusual profile photo — Your profile photo is the first thing anyone sees when arriving for the first time on your Instagram page.

Make sure yours is beautiful, interesting or unusual so that people are much more likely to want to follow you because of it.

Write an interesting bio — The first thing people see when they arrive on your account is your photograph. The second is your bio.

Spend a little time devising a bio that is funny, weird or crazy. People will read it, many will love it and some will follow you just because you are different than many of the other Instagram users.

Make your feed look unique — You want your photographs to stand out from other people. That is why your feed should look unique.

Choose a specific way of styling your photos, decide upon a certain color palette or a particular filter that makes your photos look pretty. Whatever you choose, stick with it as a uniform account attracts far more attention than one that is all over the map.

Use a pretty color scheme — Some of the popular color schemes are blue, green and greys and browns.

Choose a warm, more earthy color for most of your photographs and each new photo you upload will compliment the others. When people look at your Instagram page, it will also grab their attention as the uniform color scheme will make it look very professional.

Post every day around the same time — As people start to follow you and like what they say, they will begin to look out for your new photos every day. Also, you may go ahead and buy real instagram likes and push your posts and grow the likes count.

This is why posting every day, and around the same time every day, is a smart thing to do. People wait and, when you do not post, they get frustrated.

Post several times a day — The ideal number of times you should post new photos every day is at least two or three. This will get you new followers much faster than if you just publish one.

Be careful though not to spam too much as, if you suddenly start posting 10-15 photos every day, many of your followers will get bored with the spam and start to unfollow you.

Always have new content ready to go — Be sure to always have a backup of new photographs ready to be uploaded as well, so you never go days at a time without posting something new.