As an entrepreneur, social media can help you grow any business tremendously. There is not one person I know that does not have at least one social media account that they use every single day. Instagram has at least 12 million daily users. That is a ton of people that can be reached if they are engaged with your posts. So it is not a bad idea to use Instagram as a way to market and promote yourself, your products, and services. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge on the best ways to grow your audience and to kickstart you can also buy a few followeres on Here are a few tips and tricks to start growing your Instagram account.

Have a Schedule

If you are really committed to growing your Instagram account, keep your audience engaged by posting regularly. Make sure your pictures are high quality and appealing for the best results. Include inspirational and motivating quotes to gain more followers and also to keep your current followers engaged and interested in what you will post next.

Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags is one of the most important aspects of Instagram. Instagram users search for hashtags they are interested in while using the app. Followers will find your account just by searching for certain hashtags. Make sure the hashtags you are using are popular and something that other people would be searching to get the best results. When typing out your hashtags, pay attention to the number of recent post using that same hashtags. If there are a ton of Instagram posts using that same hashtag, use it because it is a trending hashtags at that moment.

Make Sure To Have A Business Instagram Account

It is very important to have a business Instagram account and Jere is why. A business Instagram account provides you with important analytics that are essential to growling your account. It will provide you with details on how many users were reached, in what age group they are in, what days of the week users that view your account are the most engaged, and so much more important information that you should take advantage of when marketing your business.

Promote A Post

It doesn’t hurt to pay a few bucks to promote a post that is getting a good reach. And when you have a business account, it is easier to choose which post to boost through a promotion and Instagram will also make suggestion from time to time on which posts will do better if promoted. How to look good? Easy as pie:

Go Live

Last tip, go live. Once you have grown your audience, go live and talk to them. This will help keep and grow the relationship that you have with your current followers. It is also a good way to promote any new or future products that will keep your business growing.

These are just a few tips and tricks should definitely help you grow your Instagram account and continue to help you grow. #dontquit