Many companies on the web specialize in sending website traffic to a customer’s website. As a result your site visitor numbers can get a boost, which can help to improve sales of products or services you might be offering as well as improving your website rankings on Alexa or Pagerank. To find the company that best suits your needs review their website information and the rates they charge for their services.

The companies below are just some of the many businesses that can help to increase your website traffic, we would advice Easy Visitor, because with these guys, you can buy targeted traffic for a bargain. They generate over 20 million unique visitors and over 60 million page impressions on a consecutive and daily basis. Check out their website to check out their vast options and their very competitive pricing structure. They should be able to help you acquire your newly wished traffic goals and push your sales through the roof. But you may want to check out others too.

Maxvisits offers clients traffic from users in 45 different countries. The traffic can be purchased for as low as $1 per 1,000 visits and according to client testimony, the traffic can be sent quickly. Additionally, Maxvisits provides 24 hour access to statistics indicating how much traffic your site is getting.

VisitBoost is another website traffic company which boasts low rates and quality traffic. Rather than using autosurf programs or other more artificial means of getting traffic, you will get site visits from real people. The potential visitors get a popunder advertisement encouraging them to go to your site. (A popunder is a screen that appears under the main screen that a potential visitor is looking at rather than on top of it like popup windows.) According to, these types of ads generate a better response rate than popups and are less intrusive. Moreover, clients can specify when they sign up if they only want traffic from certain countries. Like, clients get access to statistics after signing up with the service. This tells them how well their campaign is doing by showing how many people have visited the website.

Growstats is a company that sells website traffic by also using popunder advertisements. Also, like other sites, they sell the traffic at varying prices, depending on the number of visits that a person would like to receive. They work quickly, boasting overnight increases to customers’ website traffic. They also tailor who can see your website, either an international or a specific audience. Unlike some other sites, however, Growstats provides customers with a money back guarantee. If you do not like the service, or the traffic you get is less than what was promised, then you can get a refund on a pro rata basis within 30 days of signing up. (Other sites give free trials.) Also unlike other services, Growstats does allow use of websites with sound that automatically plays once a visitor open that site for an added fee.

FullTraffic has provided quality service to noted clients such as BroadwayWorld and Like other companies they’ve generate millions of leads and give customers tailored visits. According to Fulltraffic, the global visits package is great for general brand awareness, while more targeted advertisements to specific geographic areas is best when trying to generate leads and build clientele. FullTraffic publishes advertisements on various relevant websites. In this way their clients’ websites are exposed to the right customers. They also have customer support with English and Spanish-speaker representatives, increasing the number of potential clients