With more than 500, 000 websites created every day, the need for web hosting has never been higher. But with over 300,000 web hosting providers out there already, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Luckily, we’ve researched to find out what separates good website hosting providers from mediocre ones to make your decision easier;


With human attention spans shorter (8 seconds) these days, a slow-loading website won’t compete in today’s highly digital market. Websites with load times consistently below 2 seconds have an edge over those with load times above 2 seconds. One of the reasons for a slow-loading website is using a bad web hosting provider. So, choose a web hosting provider that will guarantee the speed of your website. Specifically, choose a web hosting provider with a server configuration that synchronizes with your Content Management System (WordPress, Wix, SiteGround e.t.c.), along with a smart caching strategy. We highly recommedn WP Rocket as your main caching solution. It’s very beginner friendly and there are quite a few good tutorials out there on how to configure it for your website, e.g.


The security of your website is critical to keeping hackers and cybercriminals at bay. Good web hosting providers have a reputation for securing clients’ content, as well as their sensitive personal information, such as physical addresses, social security numbers, credit card details, and so on. If you’re website is constantly being hacked, then you’re probably using a bad web hosting provider and that website is not only dangerous to you but the people who visit it as well. A good web hosting provider should have the following security features in their hosting package; a backup and restore system, secure server capabilities, malware scanning, DDoS Prevention, manual reboots, CDN Support, and a good operating system.


Computer systems are prone to glitches. If your website experiences a glitch, is your web hosting provider able to help you get it back up quickly? Downtime can be costly to your online business because it means people won’t be able to access your website. Therefore you need a web hosting provider that can help you bring it back up before the damage becomes big. Good web hosting providers offer multiple customer service and support channels including phone, email, live chat, social networks, on-page-support widget. In fact, the best web hosting providers offer real-time interactive support.

It’s important to choose a good web host from the beginning, especially if you’re running an e-commerce website, where customers are entering their personal and financial details in the checkout system. One example would be Miss Hosting, but there are many others to choose from. That’s because a single loss of personal or financial detail incident is enough to bring your business down. Also, fast servers will ensure lightning-fast web page load speeds and that gives you an edge over the competition.