If you own a website and write your own content, you already know how time-intensive it can be. This is especially true when it comes to time you could be spending on promoting your site or improving its SEO instead.

This and many other reasons is why some website owners are moving away from writing their own content and on to using an online article generator.

The cost of an article generator — Most online article generators are extremely inexpensive and come with a unique content generator API. Many charge less than $5 for a piece and, if you order a package of five articles or more, the cost for each drops rapidly.

When you consider it can take you hours to write your own articles, there is no way you could do it yourself for less than $5.

In-depth research and accuracy — Most article generators offer in-depth research for every article they create. They can even provide you with sources and citations.

As search engines like Google are promoting well-researched articles higher in their search results, this can also lead to much more traffic arriving on your site.

If you do want a well-researched in-depth article, just make sure you request that when you are setting up the information for the article you want on the article generator’s website.

The time component — Any content writer will tell you it can take several days to research and write a good article. The longer the article is the longer it takes.

As Google is now giving preference in its search results to long, in-depth pieces, it could take you a week or more to be able to write something they would like.

Switch to a typical article generator, however, and you could receive that long article ready to be published on your site in just minutes.

That short time frame even includes sources and citations.

Photographs and graphics — If you also want to add photos and graphics to your articles, article generators allow you to request them.

Just be sure to be very specific about the type of graphics you would like to accompany the article and then wait the couple of minutes it will take to get them.

Article requests can be very specific — Website owners love using article generators as you can be extremely specific about the article you want.

This includes specifying the exact number of words it should be, the type of research you want done, and the subject and the keywords it should include.

When you consider you can also get perfect photos and graphics to illustrate the article, all in a matter of minutes, it is no wonder so many website owners use them.

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