As one of the most competitive reality shows, Shark Tank has taken time to remind the world that some of the ingenious inventions that most Americans perceive to be part of their everyday won’t have come to the market were it not for the creative inventions behind them. Here are the top 4 life-changing and best shark tank products according to Shark Tank.

  1. Drop Stop Car Gap-Filler

If you accidentally dropped something while driving in your car and then it happens to slip into the gap between the car seats, getting that item back in your hands can be difficult. This is why this creative product is designed to wrap around every item that enters this tricky gap around the seat belt anchor. The product isn’t just super convenient but is also a lifesaver as well. Marc Newburger is the brilliant idea behind it. He developed the idea after undergoing a life-changing experience. He narrowly missed an innocent pedestrian when his phone slipped between the space as he was trying to receive a call while driving. This product comes handy for dealing with such a dangerous distraction.

  1. Scrub Daddy Sponges

These sponges dub themselves ‘America’s favorite sponges’. The sponges are revered for their ‘flex-texture technology that enables them to change their texture depending on the prevailing water temperature. In warm water, the sponges get soft and squishy making them soft enough to soap up those dirty dishes effortlessly. But when used in cold water, the sponges remain firm and tough enough to clean off difficult messes.

  1. Eco Nuts

The cruelty-free and fully organic nuts are a perfect replacement for those toxic liquid detergents that are harmful to humans and the environment at large. Just place a couple of these nuts in the washing machine when doing your laundry. Besides making clothes awesomely clean, the nuts can also produce an odorless cleanser. They can be used for over 10 loads, notwithstanding the soil level and the size of your load.

  1. LollaLand Lollacup

Small kids have a hard time drinking out of straws. That why the sippy cup is an excellent treat for your little one. The weighted end makes it ultra-safe for clumsy kids. The heavy end is designed purposely to ensure the straw falls into the drink regardless of which side the kid tilts the cup. Its straw doesn’t have any valve and it is also super flexible. This makes cleaning the cup easy, and further stops the kid from inhaling too much air while drinking. Its removable handles allow you to keep the sippy cup in your car for easy travel.


These 4 life-changing products by Shark Tanks remind everyone that it took creativity to create all the life-changing products that people normally take for granted.