Your very own ultimate team allows you to be manager of your own team with players that you want at your club. You can play other world class teams, play in seasons in different divisions, play in tournaments, and play against each other. Want to know what type of players should be in your team? Check it out.


Every good team requires a good goalkeeper. What qualities should a good goalkeeper have? In my opinion, speed and accuracy are important. A goalkeeper must have excellent reflexes in order to stop balls, and must be fast to go against defenders. Also, I believe that a good goalkeeper must be tall. No offense to short goalkeepers, but stopping penalties is important, and a lot of times, tall goalkeepers stop the most penalties in games, which is why managers often make them first choice. Suggestions on goalkeepers? You might want top goalkeepers like Buffon, Courtois, and De Gea, but truth is, they are very expensive, so you might want to go for goalkeepers who are less expensive and save up some money and then go for the spend.


This is a very important area that every manager should always look to improve. If the defense is weak, the team will perform poorly most of the time. In the left and right back position, most managers typically search for someone who can run up and down the wings and be very effective. In the center, they want defenders who will protect balls from finding their way into the back of the net. Like goalkeepers, good defenders are expensive, so it is better to start from the bottom and spend later.


This is perhaps the most expensive area in FIFA because there are so many world class midfielders and attackers. What should you look for in a midfielder? You should look for pass completion and accuracy, speed, and effectiveness. When a midfielder makes excellent passes to team mates that score goals, their value might increase more. These midfielders must be able to get past the rival’s midfield and defenders. They should be able to defend and provide chances. Your choices for midfielders might be Pogba, Dybala, Kroos, Iniesta, etc, but you might not be able to acquire these so easily. Therefore, it is smart to start with lower league players. In attacking, you should look for a goal scorer, a creator of chances, and someone with lots of speed and pace. That is the key to scoring goals. Good attackers always get past defenders and score world class goals. Examples of this are Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Messi, Luis Suarez, and Ibrahimovic. We would all love to have at least one of them in our team, but we always have to be realist. It might be nearly impossible to acquire them unless we get lucky in a pack we open. Therefore, we should look for attackers with the same qualities as these in different teams in different leagues.

Decision Making:

If you want to buy a player like these mentioned, you would need a lot of coins. You can play games and win coins, or purchase these with your own money on sites like The smartest thing would be to save and not rush to spend. You should always build your team from the bottom. Otherwise, you run a risk of making your team ineffective if you put all these world class players but there is no chemistry between them.