While many people do seem to love the Microsoft tablet the Surface Pro, there are still some common issues it definitely suffers from that drive its users crazy.

In fact, if you are considering buying a Surface Pro, before you do you should know about some of the annoyances you may experience with yours.

The touchscreen does not respond — This seems to be a common issue that occurs as the Surface Pro gets older. Part of the problem has been narrowed down to oil on the screen due to the build up from fingertips.

Wiping it off with a gentle cleanser made specifically for computer screens will often solve the problem.

The screen does not rotate — One annoying issue is the Surface Pro screen rotating feature suddenly stopping working, especially when you are playing a game or trying to draw something.

This is often due to the Screen Rotation Lock button having been engaged accidentally. Be sure this is turned off before you look for other solutions. If this is not the problem, remove and re-engage the Type Cover keyboard as that will usually fix it.

The audio is not working — There is not much point having a tablet that has badly functioning audio, as audio is needed for half of the things you do on it.

The audio of the Surface Pro is sometimes glitchy but can usually be fixed by updating any sound drivers. If this does not work, make sure the app you are using does not have the volume muted on it.

The Surface Pro battery drains too quickly — When you first bought your Surface Pro, you were probably told it would run for at least 10 hours before it would need a recharge. If you are suddenly getting three to four hours, however, you could have a problem.

First, check your apps and make sure you do not have a resource heavy app running in the background and draining the battery. Games are often the culprits in this case.

The main problem, though, is usually that Windows Hello is continually running even though you thought you had shut it down. You can disable Windows Hello completely via the Sign In options, and that will solve the problem.

It will not connect to Wi-Fi — This is a common issue with the Surface Pro and is usually fixed by turning off and restarting your router.

If the Surface Pro still cannot identify your Wi-Fi after this, check the Airplane mode as this sometimes becomes engaged automatically.

These are just some of the common issues with the Surface Pro many people complain about. There are more, but all of them can usually be fixed with a few minutes and a little common sense or with the help of a professional surface pro repairs service.