Project management software is a program that gathers and coordinates projects for businesses. This software is available in a variety of different types; cloud base, open API, individual, and on-premise. The software allows businesses to develop an easier way to handle their scheduling needs, managing their budget, quality control, and documentation. It also helps with communicating with their employees. The software authorizes colleagues to exchange notes with each other, by doing this, the correspondence between office employees is sure to increase. Make sure to check this list of free project management software before reading on.


Trello is the most popular source for project management software with a cloud-based platform and is free to download. It allows companies to organize all their files from the laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Trello is able to collaborate with co-workers, add notes, and attach files. It’s Windows and Mac supported. Trello offers a free base tier that only allows for 10MB. The next step is a business plan and the is about $10 a month. It includes email support and interacts with Google Hangouts and Slack. This plan is


Asana is also a cloud-based project management software program that is readily available on Android and iSO. It can increase productivity and has easy tracking devices. Asana allows co-workers to make a list and gives reminders of meeting deadlines. It also features adding due dates and allows colleagues to comment on items and allows sharing images from other apps. Is able to share images directly from the Google drive. Asana is offered as a free tier up to 15 team members with a basic dashboard and has a Premium membership of about $10 a month includes unlimited team members and a new timeline feature.


Evernote is a fast and easy way for individual or business levels. Managing projects that are time sensitive. It’s able to save files in a notebook, audio, video, or sketches. It will also give the date and time when the notebook was created. Also allows scanning images from a smartphone, save PDF’s and web clippings and everything is added to the cloud. The annual plan for Evernote is about $35. It is worth it considering it can benefit large and small businesses as a personal assistant.

Investing in project management software is vital in the business world. Technology changes daily and professionals need to change with it. Project management software will enable business executives and administrative personnel to enhance their daily routine without becoming pre-occupied. The project management software permits businesses to be more proficient with their employees. The system is set up to handle what is being addressed. No longer will managers need to leave their office to find someone, that person is just a click away. It will ensure that tasks are completed and will inform them when it’s time to hand in that report. Efficiency in productivity will improve when the project management software systems are in place.