Penny, a single mom working from home, needs a hand running her busy life. Jordan is a travel writer surrounded by a sea of post-its and legal pads. Mark and Anne are newlyweds, students, and totally lost in an academic sargasso of research notes, news clippings and legal pads. Getting organized and out from under the mess is as easy as finding the right online notepad application to manage their work better.

It’s a science, really:

Here are some top rated free and paid note taking applications available now. Most work well with both Android and IOS devices.

Android/IOS Notepad Applications

Free is a great price. Especially when your free note taking app is free, easy to use and combines the functionality and flexibility you need to get your job done. Here are the top 3 notepad apps for Android as rated by Easy Tech Trick’s expert reviewers.


Available for: Android and IOS

It’s versatile, easy to use and best of all, free. Available for download from Play Store and iTunes, this app is perfect for everyday use. Manage shopping lists, bill paying or event reminders, appointments and more right from your smartphone or tablet. InkPad combines great functionality with an elegant, classic look. It will make you glad you put away the pencil and pad.


More than a simple notepad, Evernote is a versatile tool for professionals, students and researchers of any kind. This application is favored by teachers and professors for handling a wide range of planning and research tasks. The app syncs cloud storage, your phone and computer for seamless access to notes, captured images and more. Use it to take notes in class, do business research or do event planning.

Install it with web Clipper for quick capture and storage of information, pictures and more. Evernote Basic is free to use. Evernote Premium and Evernote Business apps offer greater functionality and flexibility for a low monthly fee per user. The basic app allows you to upload 60 MB per month while the paid app options allow up to 20GB plus 2 GB per user.

ClickUp Project Management System

ClickUp online notes is part of something powerful and exciting. More than just an app, it is a project management and enhanced productivity tool on steroids. It is a new way to manage your work or other projects. Collaborate with team mates, take notes, schedule work, meetings and email notifications.

ClickUp is totally customizable to meet your unique needs, your project goals. Rich text editing offers much more than bare bones functionality and the easy checklist option makes to-do lists a snap.

Ideal for business, academic or professional use, try ClickUp today. The free option is ClickUp basic, free for everyone and provides 100MB storage for unlimited users and unlimited projects. For a small monthly fee, ClickUp Unlimited offers users unlimited storage, Google Drive and Dropbox integration. Right now the unlimited option is available with a free trial to see if you like it.