Do not hurry
It takes a while to learn how to code. This is a reality that you need to consider. If you are really serious about getting better, don’t put too much pressure on yourself considering the fact that different people will have a different learning curve.

Enroll formally
A lot of people learn on their own. This isn’t a bad idea. However, if you want to learn computer programming correctly and fast, it is a good idea that you invest some money on professional teachers. Professional teachers can give you a tip on how to learn the concepts. And the good thing about this is that you can ask questions.

Invest on books and other materials
If you are serious about coding, it is a good idea that you invest on books, not to mention even be part of forums in order to learn tricks and the newest trends in coding. Here, you can join discussions that are relevant to what you want to know.

If you plan on learning computer programming, it is a good idea that you follow these tips. Keep in mind that it is a great skill to acquire given the fact that there are a lot of careers with this kind of requirement.