Instagram Ads: If you are looking for a specific audience to appeal to, and don’t have the time to build an organic one, then ads could be a way for you to gain instant followers. You will spend some money, however, once you have followers, their followers are sure to follow you as well. Also what is beautiful about ads, is you can laser target your audience. Money well spent on your future endeavors.

Add Some Emojis: Have you ever read a text that you misinterpreted? Sure you have, the best way to help convey a message is with emojis, do you love something than a heart emoji would be relevant. Do you have a dislike for a brand or food? Express it through emojis, a thumb down, or-or an emoji of someone yacking is always fun. Emojis help us convey emotions, and as social creatures, we all can relate to the feelings that we can visually see. Studies have shown when using emojis, engagement with the audience is higher.

Hashtags: You see them everywhere! Hashtags are a way of tagging photos and post on Instagram and other social sites. When someone wants to search a subject more often than not, they will use a hashtag. An example of a hashtag would be #follow4follow. People who are looking to exchange a follow for a follow would use the reference tag. When using hashtags, be sure to check the most popular tags for your product or service. Type into Google search, hashtags for likes, and do some research to discover some new found words that can capture the interest of a potential audience.

Consistency Is Key: A general rule whenever you are trying to reach an audience and to keep them is consistency. Posting about a product once, probably won’t get you too far. Have a game plan, a social media calendar where you can plan out a sequence of engaging content that you can post daily. You want your Instagram followers and potential followers to see new and fresh content every day.

Share Other Users Content: When promoting your brand, ask your audience to share their moments or photos. Instagram followers love sharing their content and pictures. Have them engage by running a contest for the best photo-op and give the winner a shout out. Not only will your post be more engaging, but you will also find out more about your audience, and what they love, like, or dislike about your brand our product. You can use this as a way to market to them in the future.

Engage with Instagrammers: As much as you want followers, likes and shares so do everyone else. Start following people, and engage in their post and photos. People like to be recognized, and surprisingly enough they are usually willing to reciprocate the gesture. So go ahead and start loving and sharing some post, and you will see that it was well worth the extra click.

Final Words: Instagram is a social network. Treat it as such. Engage with your audience, be original, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. How many times can we see the Gecko, before we start ignoring it?