This program has been proven useful in many a situation and is especial helpful for those who wish to extend themselves towards other but through a digital avenue. It is not only paticular but fascinating as well how this got started in the whole world of technology in the first place. Although is historical bearing have significant consideration one can not ignore the uses of LAN messaging as a whole of dismiss the identity it brings forth when reading an article about it. These are the things we will be discussing in this article and it is by far the most comprehensible and easy to understand step by step module to understanding what is going on when you walk up to a computer interface only to be greeted with a bubble that claims you received mail.

Ok now what exactly is LAN messenger? LAN messenger is a program basically that allows for users to have the ability to connect to others over the web and is the antithesis of such social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. LAN messenger in comparison to even modern social media sites has an extra leg up because of a few factors that set it apart from the rest of the pack. For one LAN messenger does not need to connect to any internet provider for its uses to be available to the persons using it and instead it could operate all by itself. Secondly there is a major security edge that comes with using such a software as sophisticated for its time as LAN messenger. The reason for this is because all persons involved while using LAN messenger are secure behind a thick firewall that prevents anyone from accessing or even hacking into their chat room. It is a gem in a technologically based industry that few are aware of and has been utilized for the past few decades during the dot com boom. Yes there is impactful history that lies behind the program that people use sometimes even without knowing it.

It’s history

The first and foremost premise to the now renowned LAN software program is the Unix Talk Command along with the earlier set of subsystems. Although the evolution was in its first stages the software allowed for people to talk to each other off of only one interface at a time. Novell Netware was the next runner up and made things a little more interesting by its ability to allow people to chat directly to one another. Win pop up was then released right along with windows messenger which enabled people to receive a bubble with the sent message inside on the screen of their particular device. This was all well and good until a security crack turned its ugly head. Now ever since Apple took over in two thousand and five with the technology to connect various users while still maintaining security due to its integration with LAN messenger everything coinciding with messenger programs has done nothing but generally progress.