If you play the video game CSGO, and you want to have the perfect sound when you are playing, you may be looking for the best headset for CSGO on the market at the moment.

Before you buy any headset, however, it pays to know which features a typical CSGO headset should have, and which will make the headset you eventually buy one of the best on the market at the moment.

What is the best solution for a good headset? — Most people that play video games online, whether professionally or otherwise, want their headset to have two things. A good external microphone and headphones that give great sound.

That is why any headset for CSGO that you look at should always have these two things to begin with. Otherwise, if you buy them separately, you will have two pieces of equipment to worry about and two lots of wires to plug into your computer, which can make the room you are playing in quite messy.

A combination of headphones and microphone — Start by looking at headsets that are headphones and microphone combined in one piece of equipment. That will give you just one wire to plug in, and one piece of equipment to carry should you be traveling.

Precise sound — The next thing you should be looking for when buying a headset for CSGO is one with very precise sound. After all, the clearer the sound coming through the headset, the easier it is to identify enemies as they approach as well as easier to hear what other gamers are saying when you are playing with them.

A clear sounding microphone — You will also want to be sure the microphone that comes attached to any headset you may buy offers a clear sound. Remember, you want other gamers that are on your team to be able to hear what you are saying in the heat of a battle. Otherwise you could so easily lose a game.

Headphones that block out sound — When you are in the middle of a game of CSGO, you do not want to be distracted by outside sounds being able to leak in via headphones that do not block sound. Depending on the sound, this could distract you so much you end up losing games.

That is why you should always try on any headset you may buy before you buy it, as well as test it in a noisy environment. This will allow you to see if you are going to be able to play CSGO using that particular set of headphones, and not be able to hear any out-of-the-game noise.

Comfortable and lightweight headphones — Most people that play CSGO play it for long periods of time. That is why you will want to buy a headset for CSGO that is lightweight, comfortable on your head and does not give you a headache. Otherwise you may find yourself quitting the game earlier than you should, simply because the headphones are uncomfortable or you have a headache developing.

A good headset will make you a better player, but to become one of the pros might be a whole different task 😉